You Beauty

Premium Anti-Aging Complex For Healthy Skin, Hair And Nails

You Beauty™ takes the best of herbal medicine and modern science to:

  • Support collagen formation
  • Enchance skin regeneration
  • Increase hair growth & strength
  • Increase nail thickness
  • Reduce free radicals formed in the body
You Beauty bottle
You Beauty bottles

More Than Skin Deep.

More Than Skin Deep.

You Beauty™ goes beyond basic skin, hair & nails products by providing an optimised combination of natural antioxidants and minerals to reduce free radical damage to body cells, commonly linked to aging and illness.

Our Secret?

Plant Power.

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It's well known that antioxidants are good for you, but what is unknown to many is the most powerful antioxidant of all: Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is a red marine algae. It has the strongest free radical scavenging activity of any antioxidant on earth.

You Beauty™ is formulated with plant-powered AstaReal®, the most clinically studied Astaxanthin in the world.

Pretty. Strong.

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As an antioxidant, astaxanthin's free radical fighting power is:


Stronger than Vitamin E



Stronger than Green tea catechins

tea leaves


Stronger than CoQ 10



Stronger than Resveratrol



Stronger than Vitamin C


*Nishida Y., et al, (2007), Carotenoid Science, 11, 16-20.

Exercise Elevated.

Astaxanthin supports your muscles to increase exercise performance while also aiding post exercise recovery.

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Astaxanthin also works to maintain eye health and support healthy vision.

Hair Care in Seconds.

Just 1 capsule a day can help:

  • Improve hair growth
  • Reduce hair loss in healthy individuals
  • Increase hair health and strength
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Nourish Your Nails.

You Beauty is formulated to increase nail strength & decrease nail chipping

beautiful strong nails using astaxanthin

Formulated for

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You Beauty combines the power of AstaReal® with a selection of vitamins and minerals to bring out your best.

Copper - an important mineral for hair and skin pigment due to its role in the production of melanin, assisting in preventing premature greying.

Vitamin C - a powerful water-soluble antioxidant that is involved in the production and maintenance of collagen.

Silicon - contributes to the structure of skin and collagen.

Zinc - an antioxidant that can repair and protect your skin, enhances wound healing and may help boost the immune system.

Biotin - increases nail thickness and may reduce the risk of nail splitting.

Results That Speak For Themselves.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the 'You Beauty' supplements!
After taking one a day for the last week & a half, its done an amazing job for my eczema on my hands & scalp!!! Less dry, itchy, and sore!! An amazing product. 100% recommend!


I am in love with 'You Beauty' capsules! I have noticed a big difference with my skin since starting to take it -- and my hair is so thick and full. I have been taking it for quite a few months now and wouldn't look back.

Britani Watene-Zelezniak

I’ve been taking these supplements for a couple of weeks now and I’ve already seen a change. It is such a relief to get rid of skin issues. I deeply recommend You Beauty.

Manon Ligot

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